Beautiful Howard Park is one of South Bend's historic treasures along the banks of the St. Joseph River.

Want to read more about this neighborhood and Howard Park, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999?

Please don't let this historic park get "thrown under the bus" by Transpo and the City of South Bend. Call your 311 and tell the city administration to Save Howard Park.

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In 1912, a prominent landscape architect named George Kessler influenced  the future of Howard Park by including it in his Master Plan for the City of South Bend. It would become an anchor and cornerstone for this picturesque neighborhood. His design has stood the test of time.

Until now.

Will Howard Park be destroyed by a redevelopment plan that has been proposed to the City of South Bend and Transpo?

  • Will a road cut in half the park?
  • Will land be swapped and become a retail and residential development?
  • Will density ruin the park?

Want to see the redevelopment plan of Howard Park that has been presented to the City of South Bend and Transpo?

Please don't let this historic park get "thrown under the bus." Click here to see more.

Sign this petition to SAVE Howard Park.
Your voice DOES matter to the future of South Bend.

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See what others are saying about their Howard Park experience and why it should be preserved for future generations.